Maximus Plus


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  • Made with Taranaki beef (75% – 80% fat-free), bovine trachea, and hemp seed oil.
  • Hemp seed oil is an extremely nutrient-dense oil with a wide range of benefits for your pet. It is great for skin and coat care. It is well-known for having powerful pain relief properties especially with joint pain seen in aging pets. Hemp seed oil can also help relax and calm stressed or anxious pets.
  • Hemp seed oil also has a high concentration of omega 3 and 6 in their ideal ratio which is needed for a healthy heart and brain.
  • High in chondroitin and glucosamine which are natural cartilage building blocks.
  • These natural cartilage building blocks are essential for maintaining healthy joint function and for helping to lessen the aches and pains so many dogs and cats experience with canine/ feline arthritis.
  • No additives or preservatives.
  • Easy to chew and digest.
  • Suitable for cats and dogs.
  • 12 patties per bag, approx. 85 grams each, roughly 1kg bags +/- 10 grams
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 260 × 50 × 210 mm
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