Feeding Their
inner Beast.

Unfortunately we have been forced to increase the prices of some of our products and our courier fees. Understandably the NZ suppliers that we work with, as with ourselves, are no longer able to absorb the escalating cost of freight and the cost of raw materials. While we apologise in advance, as ultimately, we are not wanting to see these increases, we are also left with no other choice than to increase the price of some of products and shipping costs. Thank you for supporting and enjoying our rawrsome products 😊 These price increases are effective from Monday 24th October.

New Shipping Prices:
Within Taranaki: $5.50 per box (up to 10kg per box)
Within the rest of the North Island: $13.50 per box (up to 10kg per box)
New Product Prices:
Duck Necks (x 6 necks): $13.50
Bulk Beef 10kg: $55.00
Doggy Daily 150g: $16.99
Doggy Daily 250g: $24.99

Feeding Their inner Beast.

Cat Food

Delicious and nutritions food for your favourite feline.

Dog Food

Delicious and nutritions food for man’s best friend.

Some of our Rawrsome Tucker

“We shall begin to provide our pets with the type of food for which their body was designed. Food that is RAW and WHOLE and in the same form, balance and amount, as they would have received in their natural environment.” – Dr Ian Billinghurst

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