Chicken necks, Duck necks, small and large brisket bones, cannon bones and we offer pigs ears and deer antlers for the chewers.

Our products are shipped from New Plymouth and will arrived boxed and bagged in a recycled insulated bag with frozen gel/ice packs. Your raw products will be frozen when shipped. If they have slightly defrosted on arrival, it is safe to refreeze them.

Of course, you may select the store pick up option when choosing shipping. We are located at 278 Surrey Hill Road, Oakura. We will notify you when your order is ready for pick up.

All of our beef and bovine offal products are 100% Taranaki Sourced.

All of our wild meat products are 100% sourced from the Whakatane region through MPI approved hunters.

Duck necks are sourced from the Cambridge region.

Chicken necks are sourced from Tegel.

Yes, as long as they are fed correctly and size appropriate.

Not frozen as they can break teeth if frozen.

Not cooked as they can splinter and can become a hazard.

Dogs and cats on a raw food diet are quite capable of eating and digesting bones.

Here at RAWR PETZ we encourage the BARF diet philosophy, which relies on feeding your animal biologically appropriate foods.  There is no hard and fast rule for how much you should feed your pet. You need to take into consideration many factors, such as breed, size, lifestyle, health concerns and whether neutered; however, there are some starting points. We suggest feeding 3% of your pet’s body weight per day.

For example:

If your pet weighs 15Kgs then we suggest feeding them 450 grams of raw food daily. 15,000 grams x 0.03 = 450grams.

We also suggest a wide variety to ensure they are getting what they need. If you notice your pet gaining weight, reduce their intake, and vise versa if they are losing weight, increase their intake.

Yes, we are always happy to work with you, to make sure we meet your needs. For bulk orders please contact us through the contact us page, email: or phone: 06 7575001.

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