Chicken Feet 1kg


  • 1kg bag of raw chicken feet.
  • Excellent treat for dogs.
  • Very nutritious.
  • Can help aid in joint care and dental health.
  • High levels of glucosamine and Chondroitin, which are vital for joint cartilage. So its great for maintaining healthy joints, for arthritic dogs or dogs with joint conditions.
  • Chewing on the feet can help aid in dental health, as the crunching creates mild abrasions on the outer enamel that can help remove left-over food or plaque.
  • Nutrition info:
    • Protein: 45-50%
    • Fat: 20- 25%
  • Feeding guide:
    • one per day for smaller dogs.
    • two per day for larger dogs.
    • Chicken feet even though they are given as a treat, still count towards their overall daily intake.
    • No additives or preservatives.
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